Mystery of the Urban Monks


Mystery of the Urban Monks


Format | Paperback

Dates | 2020-07-22 10:49 - 2020-08-12 23:59

Number of books available | 5

Number of people | 178

Available in countries | India

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On a train journey to Varanasi, Yogi meets John, a writer and narrates him a gripping story about three friends: Krish, an IITian pursuing his entrepreneur dream; Tony, a vodka craze-high school-dropout; and Asif, a music-loving carpet-seller.

Life takes them journeying into an eventful trip to Goa. Eventually, a prediction by a psychic and plane hijack makes it more happening. This was not the end and they go on a search for a monk in Tibet. Their journey continues seeking nirvana on the Ghats of Varanasi and falling in love with a tribal girl in Afghanistan. Eventually, where exactly did life take them? What is Yogi’s connection to them? Is he one of them? What were the life lessons for John? What did he promise Yogi at the end of their journey?

By Vikram Singh

Vikram Singh is an Account Director with L&T Finance. He is a regular Guest Faculty and a Session Panelist at events organized by India’s top Business Schools. Vikram, who hails from Jammu, is a passionate traveler and loves to write during his free time. He has written extensively on new-age technology and space exploration. He has co-authored a research paper with IIT Delhi on artificial intelligence in banking. His short story ‘God’s Own Child’ featured in book titled “Kaleidoscope” is available at Amazon and in book stores. Vikram has a MIB from ESC, France, and an MBA from Pune University.