Simplify Your Life


Simplify Your Life


Format | Paperback

Dates | 2020-07-08 11:56 - 2020-07-20 23:59

Number of books available | 5

Number of people | 88

Available in countries | India

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Do you want to be more happy in life? There are so many books and workshops available to make more money, but making more money hardly buys you more happiness. Our happiness is 50% Genetic, 10% Environment and 40% Behavior and Mindset. How many of us spend most of our time in making the environment right, which just accounts to 10% more happiness. Why can we not think of focusing on behavior and mindset instead?


This book focuses on making those behavioral and mindset changes in your life, which will give you 40% more happiness. It will help you with feeling elevation (in short happiness) strategies at your work, home, professionally, socially and is for entrepreneurs, professionals and parents.


Happiness is a GIFT. So go ahead and give it to maximum people. Make your life simple and elevate yourself through feeling better than before.


By Vaibhav Datar

Vaibhav Datar, a Mid Life Coach helps people in midlife who are facing challenges or in need of an expert to get them back on track. He helps them discover new possibilities for their life, business, career, relationships & health


Vaibhav is a curious questioner, a smart listener, a happy soul with high energy, a family man with two kids, certified coach, management graduate with a penchant for reading and learning.


Finally, does it really make a difference of who I am or what I do for a living? What is more important is what this book will do for you. So go ahead for you are making a right choice.