Sensual Attractions


Sensual Attractions


Format | Paperback

Dates | 2020-10-13 12:30 - 2020-11-10 23:59

Number of books available | 3

Number of people | 50

Available in countries | India

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Suspense, passion and intrigue in the collection of short stories portraying relationships, corporate politics, friendship, love triangles and betrayal. Each story is gripping with enough twists and turns to shock you into stunned silence. Here is an introduction to few stories from his book.

Friendship Pact - Enigmatic Tara who fulfills desires without inhibitions takes her pact with Sonali to a different level. Does this affect their friendship or further strengthen it?

The Plot Thickens - Ruthless Malathi has her eyes fixed on controlling all the wealth as the second wife of a millionaire. However a clause in the will is about to deprive her. Using her manipulative and seduction skills, she weaves a plot enticing her son-in-law to fulfill her wishes.

The Hotel-1&11- Stressed out employees of a top hotel reveal little secrets which unleash a story packed with lies, betrayal, murder and illicit affairs.

By A.J. Karan

After spending more than three decades in a full-time time profession in the Hotel Industry, A.J. Karan took the role of an advisor in his profession and was finally able to manage out that additional time to indulge in a passion dormant for so many years. Today he has published two books, another is with the publisher. An inclination towards writing had been in him since his school days when he used to narrate stories to his classmates, creating them in his mind and lacing them with humour and typical school-boy type of fist fights. He started writing sometime between his final school years and college days"tart writing your product description