The Next Real Want


The Next Real Want


Format | Paperback

Dates | 2020-07-28 11:00 - 2020-08-01 23:59

Number of books available | 2

Number of people | 60

Available in countries | India

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Have you ever met your “Inner You”?


What would it be like if the whole world is against you, but something within gives you the confidence to live a legendary life? That you could not only manage the negative outcomes but also start living a life with zeal, and strive to achieve your “Next Real Want”


Raghav, a young start-up enthusiast, who knocks on every door to materialize his inspiring ideas, is forced to confront his real life. This journey of struggle and misery often throws him off-balance, and yet a sense of heightened human consciousness encourages him to face different life situations with an urge to understand the “Inner Self” and beyond. On his life changing odyssey leading to his life answers, he discovers powerful and wise lessons that teach us to:

l Understand about “You” and “Inner You”

l Be at the best of one's attitude paradigm

l Effectively define one's focus areas of life

l Learn the art of believing in oneself and producing quality results

l Manage the dark side of one's life while converting it to positive outcomes 

By Ranjit Samal

RANJIT SAMAL is a management professional works in the corporate sector with a passion for helping people to achieve excellence. He is the winner of “Young Achiever's Award – 2018” and is among the youngest Indian Authors in the self-help category.


The 'Next Real Want' is his second book and he plans to write a series of books focusing on self-discovery, pursing one's passion and achieving one's ultimate dreams.